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In our research team, we are mainly interested by "molecular programming" with the aim to explore or manipulate complex biological systems such as living cells or organisms. In other words, we design molecules that have built into their structure a chemical program enabling them to perform specific tasks autonomously within biological environments. Recently, we developed various molecular devices programmed for the selective delivery of anticancer drugs. These functional systems include programming components like self-immolative linkers, chemical amplifiers, self-opening macrocycles, etc... that pilot the process of drug release in a stringently controlled fashion.

Welcome to Mathieu

Mathieu Soetens

Mathieu Soetens



The SMP team welcomes Mathieu Soetens (from Prof. Olivier Riant lab, UCLouvain, Belgium) who will be spending the next two monthes with us.


Welcome to Alexandra

Alexandra Bordes



Warm welcome to Alexandra Bordes, who will stay with us as a postdoc researcher for one year… and may be more.