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In our research team, we are mainly interested by "molecular programming" with the aim to explore or manipulate complex biological systems such as living cells or organisms. In other words, we design molecules that have built into their structure a chemical program enabling them to perform specific tasks autonomously within biological environments. Recently, we developed various molecular devices programmed for the selective delivery of anticancer drugs. These functional systems include programming components like self-immolative linkers, chemical amplifiers, self-opening macrocycles, etc... that pilot the process of drug release in a stringently controlled fashion.

New article in Chemical Science

Chem sci 2017

Chem sci 2017


Highlighted on the website of the university of Poitiers here,

read our new article in Chemical Science : Targeting the Tumour Microenvironment with Enzyme-Responsive Drug Delivery System for Efficient Therapy of Breast and Pancreatic Cancers,

B. Renoux, F. Raes, T. Legigan, E. Peraudeau, B. Eddhif, P. Poinot, I. Tranoy-Opalinski, J. Alsarraf, O. Koniev, S. Kolodych, S. Lerondel, A. Le Pape, J. Clarhaut and S. Papot, Chem. Sci., 2017

Pr. PAPOT on news papers (14th December 2016)



Last Evening, Pr. PAPOT won the Price « Top émergence » at the « Top entreprises de la Vienne » for his new startup « Pro Target ».

All details in the Nouvelle République, Centre Presse or here.

Thesis defences

This month, two PhD students of the group will support their thesis :
– Elodie Peraudeau : Wednesday 7th December
– Noël Pairault : Tuesday 13th December at 10h


We wish them good luck.


Therapeutic impact

Therapeutic impact


Now, the time has come to push to the clinic our most promising drug delivery system for cancer chemotherapy. To this end, we need to carry out the full preclinical study. The cost of this trial is approximately of 550 000 euros. To reach this goal we need your help… If you want to support financially our project, please follow this link.